Engaging Stakeholders

In a project as multi-dimensional and collaborative as ICM, engaging stakeholders is a fundamental and ongoing activity. Indeed, it is the context in which the system is planned, developed, deployed, and operated. As part of Connected Corridors' outreach and communications efforts (shown in the project timeline), stakeholder engagement continues during the entire project and takes a variety of forms, including:

  • Contacting stakeholders
  • Enlisting participation
  • Keeping participants informed
  • Educating stakeholders about various aspects of the project
  • Listening to and addressing concerns
  • Coordinating activities among stakeholders
  • Building relationships with stakeholders and partners
  • Publicizing the project and communicating with the public
  • Developing a common understanding and consensus for moving the project forward

The constellation of stakeholders will be different, of course, for every corridor. Use the links in the sidebar to see how the Connected Corridors team pursued stakeholder engagement for the I-210 Pilot as the project unfolded over time.