AMS (Analysis, Modeling, and Simulation)

As shown in the project timeline, AMS continues in phases throughout the life of the project:

The AMS Phase 1 study enabled the project team to gain an initial understanding of the processes, needs, and capabilities involved in modeling the I-210 corridor for the Pilot. This led, in AMS Phase 2, to implementation of the Aimsun microsimulation model, a detailed and extensive model of the I-210 corridor, which includes:

  • 1000 lane miles of road
  • 5000 traffic detectors
  • 459 signalized intersections and control plans
  • 45 freeway ramp meters
  • Metro Gold Line light-rail and all bus routes

The Decision Support System will use the model for estimation and simulation of traffic conditions in the corridor, in order to evaluate and guide the selection of possible response plans. To execute response plans in real time using such a large model would ordinarily require computers with very high processing power. The Connected Corridors team, however, will be running the model in the Amazon cloud so that computing power can be scaled as needed.