Other Notable U.S. ICM Projects

California: I-80 Integrated Corridor Mobility Project

"The I-80 SMART (Integrated Corridor Mobility) project, which broke ground in fall 2012, will implement ramp metering and incident management along I-80 from the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge Toll Plaza in Alameda County to the Carquinez Bridge in Contra Costa County.  The purpose of the project is to optimize the use of the existing infrastructure within the corridor by implementing strategies to reduce congestion, reduce travel time, provide real time information to drivers and improve safety." -Alameda County Transportation Commission

Virginia: I-95/I-395 Integrated Corridor Management Initiative

Led by the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT), the I-95/I-395 ICM Initiative was developed to: a) Address real time demand management in I-95/I-395 corridor; b) Identify tools to provide Information related to multimodal travel times and parking; c) Address tools to enhance capacity such as shoulder travel lanes, other active traffic management schemes; and d) Promote an integrated approach to managing congestion across modal entities