Analyzing the Corridor

Improving a corridor's safety, mobility, or any other dimension requires first a solid understanding of the facts on the ground. If an ICM project is to be successful and relevant, it must be founded on a complete, accurate, and detailed picture of the corridor:

  • What are the corridor's attributes?
  • What monitoring and control technologies are in place? Are they working properly?
  • What are the corridor's operational conditions and challenges?
  • What are the needs of corridor users?

Answering these questions involves:

  • Gathering and analyzing a wide range of information about the corridor
  • Assessing the condition of its monitoring and control systems
  • Understanding its operational characteristics
  • Identifying user needs for the project

In the Connected Corridors project timeline, these activities fall under the tasks of:

  • Concept Exploration & User Needs (evaluating current operations and problems to resolve)
  • Corridor Preparation (ensuring that monitoring and control systems are operating adequately)

While these tasks are identified separately in the timeline, they proceed in parallel and interact in complementary ways.