Corridor Preparation

Corridor preparation ensures that the corridor is ready for the ICM system to be deployed and operated. As the project timeline shows, it is a task that continues for much of the project:

For the model to be useful and and for response plans to be implemented, corridor preparation means that there must be sufficient levels of:

  • data quality
  • instrumentation
  • funding

Data Quality

A great deal of time is being invested into improving and maintaining data quality. Learn more about our efforts under Data Quality.


The ITS elements needed to carry out response plans along the corridor must be in place and operational. Work has been going forward to:

  • fix freeway and arterial sensors needing repair or maintenance
  • make sure detectors are returning accurate information
  • purchase and install the additional traffic signals, traffic sensors, and changeable message signs needed to guide travelers along the designated alternate routes


These corridor preparation efforts are supported by the 2015 Call for Projects funding approved by Metro and Caltrans' SHOPP project funds.