Infrastructure Improvements

In 2015, Caltrans was awarded $6.5 million in funding through LA Metro’s Call for Projects. A year prior, Caltrans received over $24 million in State Highway Operation and Protection Program (SHOPP) funds for the freeway improvements.

The Call for Projects funding, together with the SHOPP funding, is being used to improve the infrastructure on both the arterials and freeway, and ensure a robust corridor management program can be implemented. Infrastructure improvements include:

  • Installing CCTV cameras and changeable message signs
  • Upgrading traffic signal controllers and detection at various on and off ramps
  • Replacing loop detectors for the ramp meters and vehicle detection stations
  • Modifying a traffic signal system in Duarte and installing new wireless broadband communication to the LA County system (and bringing other traffic signals in the corridor in Monrovia, Duarte, and LA County onto the County network)
  • Installing Bluetooth devices to supplement existing arterial coverage to improve travel time information on the arterials
  • Installing traffic signal firmware, controller, or cabinet upgrades; and video cameras for traffic detection
  • Deploying a motorist guidance signing system on the arterials to dynamically assist motorists in navigating through detours during major incidents or events
  • Adding roadside environmental stations for monitoring and evaluating air pollutants
  • Adding information-sharing equipment between traffic management and transit operations for Foothill Transit and Pasadena Transit

Parsons Inc. is overseeing the nine Call for Projects contracts to ensure each item is installed timely and on budget. As of August 2020, the status of the contracts is as follows:

Package Number Package Name Project Status 
1 Bluetooth - Iteris Velocity Completed May 2019
2 Bluetooth - BlueToad Final System Testing as of July 2020
3 New Controller Cabinets Awarded, in Progress
4 Communication Upgrades Completed June 2020
5 Firmware/Timing Plan Updates and Controller Upgrades Awarded, in Progress
6 Video Detection System Completed June 2020
7 Data Communication Module and Video Dectection Upgrade Awarded, in Progress
8 Advanced Traveler Information System

DMS Procurement – Awarded, in Progress

DMS Integration – Awarded, in Progress

Infra. Installation – in Progress

Static Signs – Caltrans, in Progress

9 Environmental Stations with Air Quality Sensors and Open Data Systems Awarded, in Progress

 The map below shows the tentative locations for the improvements: