The I-210 Pilot

The I-210 Pilot is located on the I-210 freeway (the Foothill Freeway) in the San Gabriel Valley in Los Angeles County. It extends from the SR-134/I-210 interchange near downtown Pasadena (west end of the study area) to the I-605 interchange. This section of the I-210 runs through an urban environment and includes the most heavily congested sections of the freeway. 

South of the I-210, the area of interest to the project extends to the I-10 freeway. While the aim is to improve operations along the I-210 corridor, the close proximity of the I-10 freeway, located only four to five miles south of the I-210, creates some operational interdependencies between the two freeways. Incidents or events affecting operations along the I-10 often affect operations along the I-210, and vice versa.

The I-210 Pilot Location

The I-210 corridor includes many attributes that are ideal for a pilot demonstration:

  • Well instrumented with roadway sensors
  • Directional traffic flow corresponding to morning and evening commute hours
  • Substantial network of parallel arterials and a congested freeway
  • Existing traffic management infrastructure
  • Extensive transit service

ICM Strategies to be Considered for the Pilot

  • Integration of freeway ramp meters and arterial signal systems
  • Arterial signal coordination
  • Traffic re-routing due to incidents or events
  • Transit signal priority on arterials and on-ramps
  • Parking management
  • Traveler communication (via changeable message signs, 511, radio, social networks, mobile app) of traffic conditions, transit services, parking, alternate route/trip/mode options
  • System coordination/communication between Caltrans (freeway operator) and local jurisdictions (arterial operators)

All possible ICM strategies will involve direct comment and input from all partners.