On November 16th, 2018, a major project milestone was reached when the Memorandum of Understand (MOU) for the I-210 CC Pilot was signed by all core stakeholders. The core stakeholders include Caltrans, the Cities of Arcadia, Duarte, Monrovia, and Pasadena, Los Angeles County, and Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority on behalf of RIITS (Regional Integration of Intelligent Transportation Systems).

The MOU outlines the roles and responsibilities of the seven agencies as they work together to manage and operate the Connected Corridors project. Last Fall, stakeholders began to discuss the growing need of having a signed MOU so that each agency could agree on the deployment of response plans and all associated ITS equipment.

Some of the responsibilities the MOU outlines include each agencies commitment to:

  • Share real-time transportation data
  • Maintain the health of their jurisdiction’s signal systems and sensors to support high-quality reporting
  • Review and approve incident response plans and reroute strategies
  • Permit and facilitate the installation and operation of new and/or upgraded equipment procured by Caltrans
  • Work together in the development of proposed coordinated timing plans for use during incidents for all signals on agreed upon reroutes
  • Populate the road closure system with their events and activities
  • Attend regular stakeholder meetings and provide input on updates to the system and its supporting networks
  • Additionally, Caltrans District 7 commits to maintaining and operating the I-210 Pilot ICM system and its supporting infrastructure and systems.

The MOU process solidifies the stakeholders’ commitment to the project and focuses the team on the upcoming launch.

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