System Components

The ICM system developed for the I-210 Pilot is centered on several key components:

Traffic/transit/system monitoring

This includes monitoring of:

  • Freeway, arterial, and transit conditions, using loop detector data from Caltrans' Performance Measurement System (PeMS) and data feeds from commercial data providers (including probe and other sensor data)
  • Control devices (signal status, ramp metering data, etc.)
  • Travel demand (origin-destination patterns)

Decision support

At the heart of the ICM system is a Decision Support System (DSS) that:

  • Takes the information gathered from monitoring systems
  • Estimates current traffic conditions
  • Identifies events, incidents, bottlenecks, etc.
  • Develops strategies to respond to identified problems
  • Uses simulation and modeling to forecast near-future conditions under alternative scenarios and evaluate potential strategies
  • Recommends the best strategy to implement

System interfaces

System interfaces are needed to communicate with:

  • Existing traffic monitoring systems
  • System operators, so all participants see the same things
  • Traveler information systems (e.g., changeable message signs, HAR, mobile), to alert travelers to traffic conditions and the options available to them