Defining the Project Vision: Concept of Operations

The Concept of Operations (ConOps) defines the vision and rationale for the proposed ICM system on I-210. It identifies the user needs, cross-jurisdictional travel management strategies, and operational scenarios being considered to improve overall corridor operations during significant incidents and events.

In a traditional systems engineering process, the concept of operations is ordinarily developed after the Systems Engineering Management Plan (SEMP). For the I-210 Pilot, however, some elements of the ConOps were initially written before the project’s Project Management Plan (PMP) and SEMP, during the concept exploration phase, to support early discussions with potential stakeholders. These early concept elements were based on preliminary corridor operational analyses, engineering judgment, and elements promoted in various ICM concepts that have recently been developed for other corridors. They were then later refined based on input from project stakeholders.

The I-210 ConOps includes the following elements:

  • Existing transportation management assets
  • Current operational status
  • Justification for changes
  • Proposed system concept
  • Corridor stakeholders
  • User needs
  • Overview of the proposed system
  • Proposed operational environment
  • Proposed support environment
  • Operational scenarios illustrating what the system will do
  • Summary of impacts

Click image to download the ConOps