High Level Design and Detailed Design

The high level design document identifies the primary subsystems and major components of the I-210 Pilot ICM System. The document also explains the selection, development, and integration of these components into a system that satisfies the system requirements as defined in the Systems Requirements Document. The high level design governs the technology platform and direction of the I-210 Pilot ICM System and will serve as the basis for other Caltrans-led ICM efforts statewide.

As shown in the diagram above, high level design and detailed design are part of the System Defintion and Design phase in the systems engineering process. The resulting high level design elements are in turn used to inform and guide the more detailed design of the various system and subsystem components.

The final High Level Design document was released in March 2018, with minor modifications being released in April and June 2018. The detailed design document is currently in development.

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Additional system design documents can be found in the Document Library.