Decision Support System

The Decision Support System, portrayed in blue in the ICM System Architecture diagram, provides the following capabilities:

  • Corridor traffic state determination: The Decision Support System provides corridor traffic state estimation, providing both geospatial traffic state information and traffic state metrics. Separate arterial and freeway traffic models are used and merged to provide full corridor traffic state at all times.
  • Corridor traffic state prediction: The Decision Support System provides corridor traffic state predictions for use by corridor operators and for prediction of incident and event response plan performance. A commercial simulation engine (TSS Aimsun) is used to provide traffic predictions. Traffic predictions are generated using the traffic estimated state as an initial traffic state, and current corridor asset state from the data hub.
  • Response plan development and evaluation: The Decision Support System, upon notification of a confirmed incident, will use a rules-based approach along with traffic state estimation and prediction capabilities to develop, evaluate, and rank response plans for use by corridor operators.

The diagram below shows the communication flow between the Data Hub and DSS and between the various components of the DSS.