Corridor Management System

Following the completion of the System Requirements in 2016, the CC Pilot team assigned requirements to various subsystems as shown in the ICM System Architecture. The team determined that the Corridor Management subsystem would need to be filled by a commercial off-the-shelf, or COTS, software package. The Corridor Management system is the primary user interface and allows for management of the response plan lifecycle and ICM system. To ensure the I-210 Pilot has an opportunity to evaluate the most innovative systems available, the team invited vendors to participate in a proof of concept pilot with their COTS product.

Caltrans will use the information gained from the proof of concept to validate and update the requirements so they can be used in the purchase of the final Corridor Management System. The purchase will follow standard Caltrans purchasing requirements with the issuance of an RFP and the selection of the vendor determined to best meet the requirements. Participation in the proof of concept is not a requirement for participation in a future procurement process, and there is no financial compensation to vendors for participating. However, vendors will benefit from the additional exposure to the California market and will be better positioned to meet the final requirements of the system.

PATH, under contract to Caltrans, is leading the COTS proof of concept process. Proposals were accepted in the Summer of 2017 and three vendors were selected. The selected vendors are Kapsch, Parsons, and Telegra. Meetings with each vendor are now taking place to review the requirements and ensure timely integration with each participant.