Requirements Documents

The following documents were developed for the requirements:

  • System Requirements document
  • Operational process flow charts
  • "Actors and stories" descriptions
  • Data dictionary
  • System Integration Subtasks document
  • Job Descriptions and Duties/Task document

System Requirements

The System Requirements document provides a full description of the requirements at three levels of detail:

Format Suitable for
Brief summaries Management overview and presentations
Generic descriptions that include metrics and context, without mentioning specific agencies, local data sources, data formats, detailed metric values, or lower-level requirements Management and other stakeholders wanting a fuller and more contextual understanding of the requirements, as well as the general KSAs (knowledge, skills, and abilities) needed for the project, but without the details specific to the I-210 Pilot. Also useful for stakeholders of other corridors, as a starting point or template for generating their own detailed requirements.
Standard detailed requirement lists, including corridor specifics, actual agencies, and particular systems Generating implementation plans and test cases specific to the I-210 corridor

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Operational Processes

Appendix A, "Operational Process Flow Charts," contains picture storyboards illustrating the operational processes the ICM system is expected to carry out. The flow charts show how the various “actors” in the system (the people and the technical components) could interact to execute a variety of tasks, including:
  • Assessing corridor performance
  • Detecting and verifying incidents
  • Assessing the impact of incidents
  • Creating, reviewing, and approving response plans
  • Reviewing ICM system operations
  • Addressing asset failures

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Actors and Stories

Appendix B, "Developing Requirements for the I-210 Pilot," describes the “actors and stories” approach used in developing the requirements. It also includes notes from requirements-gathering meetings with stakeholders, where needs and objectives for the requirements were discussed.

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Data Dictionary

The Data Dictionary outlines the data format specifications for data, the data elements and types, and the descriptions and definition of data elements within the system. This initial draft:
  • Establishes the Transportation Management Data Dictionary (TMDD) as a standard for describing data transfer both with systems that provide information and within subsystems of the ICM system whenever applicable
  • Provides an initial specification of the TMDD elements that are expected to be required for Connected Corridors
  • Identifies a limited number of data elements that will need to be added to existing TMDD classes to support the ICM system
  • Identifies types of data (from a review of the initial System Requirements document) for which TMDD will not be appropriate, along with other specifications that may be more suitable for each type of data identified

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System Integration Subtasks

The System Integration Subtasks document decomposes the overall requirements into the specific subsystems/components that will carry them out and that will need to be integrated into a working system.

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Job Descriptions and Duties/Tasks

The Job Descriptions and Duties/Tasks requirements document lists the responsibilities of each job role identified in the System Requirements for the I-210 Pilot. For each role, the responsibilites are grouped by requirement type. The intent is to provide a way to understand the Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSAs) needed for each job and to trace the job functions directly to the System Requirements.

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