Sources of Information

The requirements are based primarily on information gathered from system stakeholders on the purpose and desired functionalities of the system, supplemented by additional critiera, guidelines, and technical expertise. Sources of information include:

  1. User Needs for the I-210 Pilot that were collaboratively identified by system stakeholders
  2. The Concept of Operations for the I-210 Pilot that was previously developed by the PATH Connected Corridors project based on the identified user needs
  3. Comments gathered from approximately 75 interviews with individuals and more than 20 meetings focused on requirements-gathering
  4. Transportation Systems Management and Operations (TSM&O) success criteria
  5. ICM Capability Maturity Matrix developed by Caltrans
  6. Review of system requirements developed for both the Dallas and San Diego ICM systems
  7. Review of various technical documents, websites, and presentations related to ICM
  8. Advice by informed personnel from other ICM sites
  9. Advice from knowledgeable consultants
  10. Personnel with knowledge of real-life constraints
  11. Management judgment