Road Sensor Data

Since September 2016, PATH and Caltrans have been using a new web-based visualization tool, developed by PATH, to track PeMS (Performance Measurement System) sensor availability. Every week, the tool automatically updates with the aggregated status of each sensor category along I-210, I-605, and SR-134 within the corridor pilot area, as well as a section of I-10. Arterial sensor health from Arcadia is also viewable to stakeholders, with more areas coming online soon.

This information is reviewed regularly for discrepancies and non-functioning sensors. Since problems are quickly identified and addressed, sensor data is continuing to improve on a regular basis.

A second tool was recently developed by PATH to show detector health. The tool, shown below, uses pattern matching to see if the high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) and mainline (ML) road sensors are within or out of bounds of the expected patterns.

Sensors are listed by postmile on the vertical axis. Days are listed across the horizontal axis. The color legend indicates the following:
    Green: Data appear usable
    Yellow: Available but unclassified
    Orange: Outside expected pattern, needs review
    Black: Not Available

Both tools are planned to be released for Caltrans districts and other agencies to utilize once development of the tool is complete.