Identifying Alternate Routes and Support Components

One of the first steps in defining response plans was to identify possible alternate routes in the corridor that could be used to reroute traffic around incidents. Working with stakeholders, the project team identified about 300 preliminary alternate routes. After several iterations to refine the number of options and match them with available ITS elements, the list was narrowed down to about 60 alternate routes for both east and west directions. The intent is to provide 1-3 alternate routes for any incident location.

The following graphic shows the beginning stages of identifying possible alternate routes to be used in the response plans:

Identifying Support Equipment and Infrustructure

In addition to alternate routes, response plans include a range of other components, such as:

  • signal and metering light timing changes to facilitate reroutes
  • requests for equipment and personnel needed to implement the response plan
  • plans for communicating with equipment, personnel, and travelers involved in or affected by the response plan

Project stakeholders and the Connected Corridors team have worked to identify these components and to define when and where they will be deployed as part of a response plan.