Connected Corridors Digest #59

May 31, 2017


Honeywell’s Connected Freight Technology Monitors High-Value And Perishable Goods In Transit

Trucking, Railroad Industries Wrestle With Each Other as Technology Bears Down on Both

Southern California Transportation Leaders Head to Washington to Push for Freight Infrastructure Investment 


TRB Straight to Recording for All: Using Automated Transit Data to Manage Operations and Improve System Performance 

What Affects Millennials’ Mobility? PART II: The Impact of Residential Location, Individual Preferences and Lifestyle on Young Adults’ Travel Behavior in California 

Safety Benefits of Highway Infrastructure Investments 

Guide for Integrating Goods and Services Movement by Commercial Vehicles in Smart Growth Environments 


Operation Lifesaver, Inc. Awards $219,000 for Crossing Safety Public Awareness Campaigns 

Pedestrian Bridge Connecting Griffith Park to Atwater Village Receives Los Angeles City Approvals 


Senate Takes the Lead on Trump’s Infrastructure Proposal 

Lawmakers, Administration Say Gas Tax on Table to Fund Infrastructure 

This California Bill to Give Students Free or Low Cost Bus Passes May Already Be Dead 

California Lawmakers Scrap Effort to Make It Easier to Pass Local Transportation Taxes 

Transportation Management:

Charting a Path Toward Automated Speed Enforcement 

FWHA Active Transportation and Demand Management Analytical Methods for Urban Streets


FTA Finalizes Grant Agreement for San Francisco Area's Caltrain Electrification Project 

NJ Transit Gets $10M From Feds For Automatic Speed Control System