Connected Corridors Digest #58

April 28, 2017

Connected Corridors Digest #58

April 28, 2017

In this issue: Intelligent Transportation, TRB, Safety, Policy, Funding & Opportunities, Transit 

Intelligent Transportation:

Automakers Ask California To Ease Rules for Self-Driving Car Tests

Amazon is Exploring Ways to Use Self-Driving Vehicles to Deliver Packages

Number of Autonomous Vehicle Research Facilities Growing

9 Radical Changes That Are Coming to Transportation

Will Self-Driving Cars Be Better Drivers if They Can Chat With Each Other?

Scientists Can Blind A Self-Driving Car From Seeing Pedestrians

Google’s Self-Driving Cars Are Offering Free Rides

Nvidia Goes Public With Self-Driving Truck Ambitions

Nissan Joins VW and BMW on Mobileye Mapping for Autonomous Driving

Waymo Says Uber Hid a LiDAR Device Based on Its Technology

Latest Edition of Smart Highways


An Expanded Functional Classification System for Highways and Streets

Highway Worker Safety

TRB Webinar: Use of Traffic-Speed Deflection Devices in Network-Level Pavement Management Applications

Traffic Signal Preemption at Intersections Near Highway–Rail Grade Crossings


USDOT Secretary Sees Crash-Avoidance Technology at Ohio Site

Most Crash Reports Do Not Capture Critical Data, Says National Safety Council


State May Hike Gas Tax Even More in 2018

Senate Approves Projects Linked to Gas Tax Hike

Could Gas Tax Hike Leave California With Highest Fuel Prices in Nation?

Gas Tax Hike Not Enough to Fix California's Road, Group Says

Bill to Kill Proposed Tunnel for 710 Freeway Gap Fails  

Congress Faces Budget Deadline to Avoid Shutdown That Could Disrupt Many Programs

Funding & Opportunities:

California Lawmakers OK $900M+ In Transportation Projects

$60 Million in Funding to Push Innovative Technologies to Tackle Congestion


The Benefits and Challenges of IoT in Public Transportation