Connected Corridors Digest #57

March 28, 2017

Connected Corridors Digest #57

March 28, 2017

In this issue: Intelligent Transportation, TRB, Safety, Transportation Management, Transit, Funding & Opportunities 

Intelligent Transportation:

Transportation: How AI Could Transform A North American City by 2030 

The Autonomous Report: Microsoft Partners With Toyota and BMW Expects a Level 5 by 2021 

Capital District Transportation Authority Partners with INIT for Modern Intelligent Transportation Management System 

Connected Cars: Privacy, Security Issues Related to Connected, Automated Vehicles 

Driving on the Roads of the Future Will Be a Real Trip 

Google's Waymo Hires Ebay Exec to Negotiate Self-Driving Car Legislation 

Ford Backs Self-Driving Car Startup Autonomic 

Driverless Future?

State Set to Regulate Self-Driving Cars, but is Technology Ready? 


Third Annual Contra Costa Redefining Mobility Summit 

RFQ: Buisiness Models to Facilitate Deployment of CV Infrastructure to Support AV Operations 

TRB Webinar: Practical Technology-Based Approaches to Highway Infrastructure Maintenance 

The USDOT's Smart City Challenge and the FTA's Mobility on Demand Sandbox: Advancing Multimodal Mobility and Best Practices Workshop


New Pollution Detection Devices Reveal Potential Toxic Risks in Southern California Air

New Transportation Safety Technology for Preventing Accidents Due to Falling Asleep at the Wheel 

Transportation Management 

AASHTO Urges Congress to Complete Repeal of the Recent FHWA-FTA Regulation on MPOs

BTS Releases National Transportation Noise Map 

Have Data, Will Travel 

California's Bumpy Path to Road Repairs 


The 'Tesla of Bus Makers' Arrives in Southern California, as Metro Considers Buying Electric Buses

Cloud-Based TouchPass Brings a Subscription Model to Transit Agencies for Fare Payments 

Funding & Opportunities:

$217 Million Allocated to Fix California Highways, Bridges, Rail Systems

America's Transportation Awards: Nominate Your Winning Project by April 14th

USDOT Connected Vehicle PlugFest