CC Program Manager Joe Butler Wins UC Achievement Award

May 15, 2018

PATH’s Connected Corridors Program Manager Joe Butler was recently awarded the UC Achievement Award for his sustained leadership and commitment to Connected Corridors, which he has been Program Manager for since its inception in 2011 and has ensured continued funding totaling over $25M dollars for UC research and development and an additional $25M in test facility improvements. His latest proposal should ensure completion of the effort with a requested funding level of $6M through 2019.

The Connected Corridors Program has been a significant national contributor to leading edge knowledge in the area of integrated transportation corridor management of vehicles and systems including novel modeling techniques, data science, project planning and systems engineering, as well as organizational change management.

While managing this group, Joe has demonstrated incredible leadership and commitment to ensure the successful completion of this program, and to ensure that the identified corridor for which the work occurs will become a legacy laboratory that will inspire UC research efforts for years to come. 

“Joe’s greatest attribute has been his ability to lead and maintain excitement in a team comprised of faculty, students, professional staff and consultants and our sponsoring partners through a long lasting and vitally important research and development program,” says PATH Co-Director Tom West.

He added the commitment, dedication, and leadership necessary to keep so many people engaged and excited about a highly complicated project of this magnitude and duration cannot be underestimated. Joe exhibits, on a daily basis, the necessary attributes including strong and motivational communication, seasoned technical leadership, and a passion for UC excellence.

In addition, his contributions to traffic operations have also helped position UC Berkeley in a leadership position within the state, especially in the Senate and Assembly transportation committees. Recognizing UC Berkeley’s leadership in traffic operations, in particular thanks to Joe’s leadership, the State has on repeated occasions asked faculty and staff to present and testify in various venues and contributed to the recent success of UC with AB1/SB1, with funds for UC named specifically.

PATH staff members Erin Adrian and Steven Shladover also recently received awards for their work. For more details on their accomplishments, please visit ITS Berkeley's News page.

Article Excerpt Courtesy of ITS Berkeley