June 25, 2014

Irvine, CA – The theme of this year’s TRB midyear meeting was “Integrated Corridor Transportation Management,” which related directly to the Connected Corridors program and the I-210 Pilot project. From Caltrans Director Malcolm Dougherty’s keynote address in the “Good Morning California” session to Professor Alexandre Bayen’s participation in the “conversation circle” to poster sessions depicting graduate student work, Connected Corridors and three other Caltrans District 7 projects were well-represented.

Dougherty’s address outlined a broad vision for California and a multi-modal corridor strategy to be implemented throughout the state. He stressed the importance of public-private partnerships as well as the deployment of multi-modal, multi-jurisdictional operational strategies and systems.

Other sessions at the midyear meeting also had direct relevance to Connected Corridors and the I-210 Pilot, including discussions of planning, policy, goods movement, and freight; traffic operations strategies; enhanced travel options in urban corridors; mobility innovations; and performance measures — all with an eye towards new research opportunities through the TRB.

UC Berkeley graduate students also represented PATH and the University by displaying posters of their research at the event:

  • Jack Reilly presented “Coordinated, Predictive Ramp Metering Using Adjoint-Based Methods Applied to a Microscopic Simulation of I-15 South Freeway” and “SmartRoads.”

  • Samitha Samaranayake presented “System Optimal Dynamic Traffic Assignment with Multiple Commodities.”

  • Cathy Wu presented “Convex Optimization for Traffic Estimation: Towards Autonomous Mobility-on-Demand.”

Finally, project leaders were able to meet and connect with current partners (Caltrans District 7 and LA Metro, for example) and potential stakeholders from the I-210 pilot; Robert Sheehan from the Federal Highway Administration; and various private companies, academics, transportation planning agencies, and consultants working on ICM projects throughout the state (including Alex Estrella and Peter Thompson from SANDAG) and beyond.