The I-210 Pilot

The pilot deployment of Connected Corridors' ICM system will take place on Interstate 210 in the San Gabriel Valley in Los Angeles County. The pilot corridor will extend from SR-134 to Foothill Blvd/US-66, approximately 20 miles in length. Due to the magnitude of the pilot, it will be divided into two phases:

  • Phase 1 extends from SR-134 to I-605.
  • Phase 2 extends from I-605 to Foothill Blvd/US-66.

The I-210 Pilot Location

The I-210 corridor includes many attributes that are ideal for a pilot demonstration:

  • Well instrumented with roadway sensors
  • Directional traffic flow corresponding to morning and evening commute hours
  • Substantial network of parallel arterials and a congested freeway
  • Existing traffic management infrastructure
  • Extensive transit service

ICM Strategies to be Considered for the Pilot

  • Integration of freeway ramp meters and arterial signal systems
  • Arterial signal coordination
  • Traffic re-routing due to incidents or events
  • Transit signal priority on arterials and on-ramps
  • Parking management
  • Traveler communication (via changeable message signs, 511, radio, social networks, mobile app) of traffic conditions, transit services, parking, alternate route/trip/mode options
  • System coordination/communication between Caltrans (freeway operator) and local jurisdictions (arterial operators)

All possible ICM strategies will involve direct comment and input from all partners.

I-210 Pilot Project Milestones

  • Stakeholder outreach and engagement - Ongoing
  • Project Management Plan Complete - Early 2015
  • Concept of Operations Complete - June 2015
  • Project Charter Executed - June 2015
  • System Requirements Defined - Late 2015; final in May 2016
  • Project Demonstration Phase I - 2018