February 28, 2017

Connected Corridors Digest #56

Februrary 27, 2017

In this issue: Intelligent Transportation, TRB, Safety, Transportation Management, Transit, Funding & Opportunities 

Intelligent Transportation: 

New Efforts Aimed at Connected Car Standards 

Driverless Cars: Can They Really Eliminate Traffic?

BMW, Mobileye and Here to Crowd Source Data for Autonomous Vehicles 

Embark Enters Race to Develop Autonomous Trucks

'Smart' Street Lights to Track Traffic, Parking, Air Quality 

Transportation, Public Safety Focus of Smart City Development in Nevada

23rd Intelligent Transport Systems Post Congress Report Now Available 

Open Auto Drive Forum Brings Autonomous Driving Players Together

York, UK to Trial New Traffic Technology 


Innovations in Federal Statistics: Combining Data Sources While Protecting Privacy 

Safety Data, Analysis, and Evaluation

Opportunistic Traffic Sensing Using Existing Video Sources, Phase 2


BikePGH to Survey Bicyclists, Pedestrians About Interactions With Autonomous Vehicles

New Bill Would Let Bicyclists Roll Through Stop Signs 

Transportation Management:

Los Angeles Tops INRIX Global Congestion Ranking 

3.2 Trillion Miles Driven on U.S. Roads in 2016

National Cooperative Highway Research Program Publishes New Communications Guide for State DOTs

Need Traffic Data? Commuters Are More Connected Than You Think 


SFMTA Needs to Fix More Than Just NextBus

Commuter Railroads Make Progress Installing Life-Saving Tech

Funding & Opportunities:

AASHTO Sets National Policy Goal of Sustainable, Long Term Transportation Funding 

California Voters Could Make It Easier to Raise Taxes to Build Transit and Low-Income Housing Under New Legislation